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Toberanorane, Caher

Holy well

This little well is on a small ridge, the water accumulating and now marked by stones, before disappearing over the edge into pasture. The amount of stones lying around suggests there might have been a well house at some point. Its name,Toberanorane, means well of the cold spring.

Nearby sites:

Sheep's Head National School

 Ringfort, Letter West

Caher - stone fort
Clearly signed (ancient monument) from the main road, follow the track down a boreen, duck under an electric fence ( a powerful one) and head across the field
V785 362

The first time I visited this well, it had a seriously neglected air and was quite difficult to identify. The next time though, the stones had been tidied up a little and the water was flowing more freely, it felt a much happier place.

Edit: The well has since been reconstructed (January 2015) and a protective wall built around the site. It feels a bit new but good that it is being preserved and protected. The water remains clear and cold and clean.

Nearby, on the same ridge are an interesting collection of stones - difficult to tell whether they are just stones collected from the field and heaped, or whether they are something more significant. There is also a large stone as you come down into the field.