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Three Fingers, Garranes

Stone row

This enigmatic stone row originally had five uprights but one is now boken, the stump remaining and the rest fallen fallen. The fifth has disappeared, reputedly gracing a Sommerville garden in Castletownsend. Set high on a ridge with commanding views in all directions, these tall and skinny stones are compelling and known appropriately as the Three Fingers.The tallest is an awe-inspiring 4.3 metres high while the smallest is a still impressive 2.5metres. The stones are aligned roughly ENE- WSW.

Just outside Castletownsend on the Skibbereen road. Use parking for Knockdrum on the left. The stones are across the fields to the right.
Map 89: W 174 315

These strange and enticing stones seem to dance along the horizon, sometime you see them, sometime you don't. They appear remarkably hard to get too. The best way is to park either in the tiny space for visiting Knockdrum cashel (signed), or by the church. Either way you have to walk across fairly rough grassland.  I went with some friends and we left from the Knockdrum car park and headed over the fields, the last part  climbing over a small wall. Unfortunately the stones always seem to be surrounded by cattle and this was no exception. On approaching the stones they thought we were the most interesting things they'd seen for some time and came hurtling towards us, bucking and prancing. We made a swift retreat, one friend hissing 'Don't run'! We did have a while to marvel at the stones though. They exude such a presence. As I admired, a crow landed on one of them and I was reminded of the Morrigan, the goddess of death who, in her disguise as a crow, was the only creature brave enough to approach the body of the great mythic hero Cuchulainn after he had been fatally injured and tied to a standing stone. The site felt ancient and full of mystery, particularly in the Irish mizzle.