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Stone alignments

Stone row, Farranamanagh

A stone row of three stones, only one still standing

This cluster of stones is on a small ridge over looking Dunmanus Bay. Originally they may have formed a stone row but now only one of the three stones is still standing. The stones are large and imposing and one of the fallen ones contains cup marks - circular indents made by hammering with a pick.

An alternative explanation for the stones is that they are the remains of a wedge tomb (Jack Roberts)

Farranamanagh: land of the monks
Sheep's Head Way, Farranamanagh Loop - clearly signposted
V823 382

Stone row, Coolcoulaghta

Originally three stone row, two stones now standing

Two large standing stones, perfectly aligned with Dunbeacon stone circle 400m away on the hillside. (The telegraph pole also fits into the alignment!) The larger stone has an angled top and is craggier, while the smaller stone is smoother with a flatter top. These stones were removed in 1980 but such was the public outcry that they were restored in 1983. There was originally another stone 50m away to the SSW but this was destroyed.


Coolcoulaghta: nook of the tribe or assemblage
On the Mines road out of Durrus - clearly signed and a parking spot is available
931 393

Stone Row, Maulinward

3 stone row

The three stone rows sits in pasture over looking Durrus river.  The stones are aligned NE- SW.  Directly behind is what looks like a double arc of  large stones, described in the Archeological Inventory of Cork, as a cairn ( a stone mound possibly erected over a burial). The stones have obviously been moved at some point and it's possible that they may also have originally formed a circle.

Nearby sites:

Maulinward Old Church

Holy Well, Maulinward

Ogham Stone, Maulinward

Maulinward: priest's knoll
Accessed from a gate off the N71, just after the Durrus turn off. Private land, best to ask permission if possible
V983 435

I have been trying to get to this stone row for some time and it has been quite  challenge! The stones bob enticingly on the top of a small hill as you take the Creamery road into Durrus from the N71 but there appears to be no way to get into the pasture as Durrus river blocks the route. I eventually took the bull by the horns and slid down the bank and waded across the river - not to be recommended - but when I eventually arrived at the stones, the land owner was there and showed me a slightly easier way to access them - there is a gate from the N71 just after the Durrus turn off.  The stones were nothing like I was expecting. There is indeed a three stone row but I was unprepared for the jumble of stones behind it. It's difficult to make head nor tail out of these as some have obviously been moved. They could be  a cairn but the stones are quite large and there's no evidence of smaller stones. Maybe there was once a multiple stone circle, the stones now tidied into an arc. Maybe there were boulder burials? All in all a bit of an enigma, but the monument is beautifully situated in a sheltered valley with great views.

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