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Stone Circle, Killeen North

5 stone circle

This small stone circle lies on a natural terrace in rough pasture overlooking Bantry Bay. It comprises five stones, and is unusual in that one of the stones is still incorporated into the natural rock. The other four stones include a chunky recumbent stone and three triangular shaped stones. It is possible to see where the stones came from, either falling naturally or being cut by hand  from the rock face. The circle was only discovered in 2002 when the owner was clearing his land. No one seems to have had any memory of the stones, although the area was used extensively for turf cutting. An enclosure for turf lies very close by.  He believes that the circle is aligned to he Samhain (Winter) and Imbolc (Spring) sunsets. Lying to the east of the monument are what could be a fallen standing stone and a wedge tomb. A small enclosure wall lies to the north probably of a similar date to the circle.


Killeen north
On private land, but the owner is pleased to show people the circle if forewarned.
OS Map V79576,39174

An unexpected and delightful sight - compact, special, full of atmosphere, this little circle is tucked into a small ridge over looking Bantry Bay.  The massive rocks which provided the stones seems to play an important part in the site, one stone is still partly attached, and the owner believes the entire rock could have been part of a circular processional route. It feels sheltered and protected, timeless yet connected.