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St James National School

Former national school

Today this school looks in a sorry state but when it was built in 1937 it was considered to be something of  a model school and was built in Art  Deco style. The Diocesan Magazine of September 1937 records the opening of the school: The children and their teachers have taken possession of their new school; the first of its kind in the new Free State from a new improved plan. The building serves its plan admirably. It has modern lighting, sanitation and an abundant supply of water. Two play sheds have been erected for the convenience of the children. Total cost £1600.' The school was built after the original school in Clashadoo was closed due to a diphtheria outbreak.  The first principal was Mr Liam Blennerhasset and there were 50 children on roll. There were two airy classrooms, originally one for the boys an done for the girls, indoor toilets and cloakrooms. By 1997 the school was in a poor state and was eventually condemned by the Health board. A new school was built next door which was opened in 2007.

An almost identical school was built on the northside at the same time - Gortalassa NS

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Behind St James Church
St James National School: A History by Amanda Clarke

I have to confess to having  a soft spot for this old building as I taught here for a few years. It was a very happy, if damp, place and it is very sad to see it now slowly crumbling away.