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St Crochan's Bed

Possible remains of earliest settlement founded by St Crochan

This little cluster of ruins is reputed to be all that remains of the original settlement founded by St Crochan who later gave his name to the village of Kilcrohane. St Crochan probably lived during the 5C and was contemporary with St Patrick. He may have come from near Caherdaniel in County Kerry where there is also a village name after him, and two ruined churches dedicated to him. The smallest building is traditionally regarded as being Crochan's 'bed' -  a tiny stone built  building, so small that the saint apparently slept with his feet outside! Judging by the amount of water that had gatherered in this very modest building, comfort was not high on St Crochan's priorities. The small ruined church just outside Kilcrohane is also meant to have been founded by him.


Sheep's Head Way Seefin Loop. Park at Dromnea.

This isolated site is easy to miss. From Dromnea car park, follow the Sheep's Head Way signs, passed Dromnea Holy Well, cross the main route and then follow the markers up into the hillside. It feels remote and empty  up here and in the spring and summer is carpeted with bog cotton and bog asphodel. if you are lucky you may also get a glimpse of the wild goats. The cluster of tiny drystone and roofless buildings are slowly being reclaimed by the undergrowth and the bog but retain an other worldly feel to them. It does seem exactly the place where a recluse might set up a modest home, a perfect place for contemplation and meditation. St Crochan's bed is extremely small and very damp - maybe the rumour that he slept with his feet outside is true for a grown man could not lie down inside comfortably.

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