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St Augustine's Well, Kilshanny, County Clare

Holy well

This little well was originally dedicated to St Cuana who died in 650 AD. Later an Augustinian monastery was built near the site and the well rededicated to Augustine. The wellhouse is small, compact and whitewashed with two niches. One contains the statues of St Augustine, probably St Christopher holding the Christ child and a small statue of Our Lady. The other niche hold a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The site is kept immaculately and the water in the small well clean and fresh.

N27, south of Lisdoonara; I mile south of Kilshanny - follow the signs to the graveyard, then follow the small path to the side of the bungalow

Not especially easy to find but be bold and follow what looks like a private track by the side of the bungalow. The well feels ancient and slightly incongruous as though you've suddenly stepped into another era. A peaceful, contemplative spot.