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Signal Tower, Spain, Baltimore

Signal tower

Originally two storeys high over a basement, this signal tower has lost its roof and floors but remains an impressive reminder of the very real fear of French invasion at the beginning of the 19C. The sturdy rectangular tower was originally weather slated but only a few slates remain in situ. The walls and window surrounds have been faced with sandstone, now badly eroded. The door was on the first floor with machicolations above.  Originally there were bartizans are on the NE and NW corners but these seem to have disappeared.

Nearby are the shattered remains of a World War 2 lookout camp.

Heading down towards the sea, on the left hand side, can be seen the words EIRE marked out in whitewashed stones -one of the original 82 marked out on the Irish coasts during the Second World War.

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As you approach Baltimore, take the sharp left turn towards Trafaska, first left, the first right. There is a small parking area, then walk up to the tower.
W059 254

Spain tower bobs enticingly as you approach Baltimore yet proved to be difficult to track down - several enquiries were made from helpful locals and all assured us it would be worth the climb. It was! The small road winds upwards, complete with suspension shattering bumps, but don't worry, there is a small turning point where you can leave the car and carry on on foot. The views from the top are breath-taking. Having admired the tower, it's worth scrambling down towards the sheer cliffs. The EIRE stones are to the left and have been fairly recently renovated.