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Signal tower, Gortacrossig, Toe Head

Signal tower

Originally three storeys high over a basement, this well preserved tower, one of many guarding the coastline of Ireland, dates from 1804. it was weatherslated and many still remain. The door is on the first floor of the north wall. The original machicolations and bartizans were removed and replaced by an embattled parapet later in the 19C when the tower was used as a coastguard station.  A well preserved two storeyed building and various outhouses date from this time.

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Take the Tragumna to Castletownend road, follow directions for e Head, the signal tower is clearly visible and there is a small parking space.
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The tower and other buildings are in incredibly good condition, but depressingly, have been used a rubbish tip - inside the tower plastic bags lie heaped up and split open. The views from here are magnificent.