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This small ringfort lies amidst pasture just outside Kilcrohane village. It has a circular bank of earth, stone faced in parts,  now clearly marked by the pines growing from it.

Kitty Sheehan submitted this entry about it for the Folklore Commission of 1938:Where I am living in Raffrigeen, there is a fort ...I have  a story about this fort. It happened a good while ago. A man planted wheat in the fort. Of course,it is supposed that it is unlucky to till forts. He disregarded that, however, and planted the  wheat in the fort. When the wheat was ripe, he came that day to cut the wheat. When he was reaping the wheat, a blade struck him in the eye. He was blind ever after ... On one side of the fort is a  place that is supposed to be the door. It is built up with blue-till or clay.'


Rafferigeen - fort of Aimhrigin
Take a right at the church in Kilcrohane and follow the windy road as it heads upwards; the fort is visible on the right
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I've not yet managed to get up close to this fort!

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