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Pieta, Sheep's Head Peninsula

Marian statue

This engimatic and melancholy Pieta is situated on top of the Goat's Path. The two figures are made from white marble and are complimented by a large white cross behind them. It was erected in 1968 by Margaret Bryne in memory of her father Timothy Donovan.

Nearby sites:

Wedge Tomb

Ardahill Ringfort

Mass Rock, Glanilen


Top of the Goat's Path, car parking available.
V814 394

Gazing mournfully out over Dunmanus Bay, this statue can come as a surprise and has enormous presence.  Coins in the BVM's outstretched hand show that it is still visited and revered.  The views from here are sublime - you can see in every direction - south down to Kilcrohane village and on a clear day beyond to the MIzen, and even to the Fastnet Lighthouse. To the north the Beara and Kerry, to the west the end of the Sheep's Head and to the east the spine of the peninsula including Seefin, the largest mountain, beckon.