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Our Lady's Well, Beach


This well lies next to the mass rock and together they form a significant and special site. The well house is backed with waterborn pebbles and is very attractive.  The well is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The water is fresh, clean and cold. Like many wells, an eel is reputed to lurk within and if spotted is a sign of special fortune.

'Tis a very devout place. and there have been healings attached to it. The rounds is done here on the 15th August. The rounds then consisted of 15 decades of the Rosary, going up one side of the path by the altar and down and round the other. The tradition was to take 15 small pebbles and as you passed the well you dropped one in. You know you had the 15 decades finished when you dropped the last  pebble in the well.  When you threw in the 15th stone and said your Hail Holy Queen, if an eel that was in the well jumped up in the water, the main part of your wish would be given..



Nearby site:

Mass rock

Signed posted off the coast road from Bantry to Kilchrohane (Goat's Path)
V969 473

A magical spot, still much visited. The water looked a bit murky the day I visited but a cup is at hand should you feel like availing.