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O Daly Castle, Farrananamanagh

Tower house

Not much remains of this tower house, once the stronghold to the O Daly's, the bardic clan. The original building may have been erected around 1215, according to the Annals of Innisfallen, but  the early castle was destroyed and this one built in the 15C or 16C in conjunction with the Bardic school which is just a few hundred metres away on the cliffside.  Bards were poets, responsible for safeguarding and narrating the history and stories connected with a clan, in this case the O Mahonys. Aonghus o Daly, the most famous of all the bards, lived here in the 16C. The castle was confiscated after the Battle of Kinsale in 1601 when the O Dalys became homeless and impoverished. The ground floor of what was once a three storey rectangular tower house can be seen atop a low ridge, but now much covered in brambles and undergrowth.  It commands spectacular views across the freshwater lake.


Farranamanagh : land of the monks
On a small ridge over looking the lake. Accessible down a small muddy boreen
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