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Cilleen, Ahagouna


A small cilleen (burial ground for unbaptised children) in a field amongst pasture. The graves themselves are in a little wooded area and enclosed in their own special place amongst the trees. But so many little markers, all crammed together. A cross adorned with a crucifix reminds you of the solemnness and sadness of the the place.

Ahagouna: ath gamhna - ford of the calves
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From St James' church follow the small road passed St James National School. About 100m on this road there is a bend to the left with a gate, and a pull in spot.The cilleen is through another gate and in the field ahead amongst the trees. A large tree with a dramatic split down the trunk marks the way in. A poignant and quiet place, all the little graves clustered together, mossy and forgotten - in some places the headstones in neat rows, in others stones mark a discernible burial plot. None have names and ivy and moss are slowly claiming them.