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St Bridget's Holy well, Lough hyne

Holy well

This tiny double deckered little well is dedicated to St Bridget, as is the nearby church.  Look carefully and the two indentations on the side of the well are reputed to have been made by the saint's knees as she knelt to pray.The well has two natural basins, surrounded by flowers.


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On private land, permission must be requested.
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We were fortunate enough in meeting the owner on  the day we visited and she gave us permission to visit this very special site. She told us to look for the large stone just before you get to the church, to climb up and to carefully head towards the holly tree, on your knees preferably as the ledge is very small. Her instructions were exact.The little path, flower-strewn and beautiful, goes nowhere but to the tree, and the tiny well with its two chambers is carefully concealed amongst the rocks and greenery. The water is clear and fresh, and the indentations of St Bridget's knees were easily identified! Primroses, violets and bluebells bloomed profusely when we visited. The whole area felt magical and remote.