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Toberin na súl, Lough Hyne

Holy well

This little well of cold, fresh water is to be found at the base of a three-trunked tree at the edge of woodland. It is laden in offerings of all descriptions. The waters are said to be helpful in curing eye infections and are fresh and clear. It may have originally been dedicated to St Bridget. Two other holy wells are in the vicinity.

Nearby sites:

Skour well

St Bridget's Well

Park in car park by lough; either walk through woodland following signs, or on the road; the well is on the left amongst the trees

This well has an ancient and pagan air to it. It is beautifully and unobtrusively sited in woodland, a three trunked tree growing above it. The trunks and branches of the trees, and the surrounding stones of the well area have been covered in all kinds of offerings, some poignant, some bizarre, some practical  - fluttering ribbons, children's toys, spectacle, walking sticks, rosaries, socks, crunchie wrappers! There is a definite atmosphere, a stillness. While I was there two women came with bottles to fill up with water. They laughed and chatted and sat comfortably on the stones  - sociable, everyday, special.