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Lissareemig Ringfort


This impressive ringfort is perched on top of a drumlin overlooking Bantry Bay. It retains an impressive bank and a deep ditch. There appears to be a second bank in some sections. The tall banks seem to be a mixture of earth and stone. Hawthorns have taken root but the centre is a huge clear grassy circular space. Gaps in the bank can be discerned in the NE and the S which has an earthen causeway.


Lissareemig: Lios a Riamaigh - fort of the victory
Map 88 V963 463

It was an incredibly bright and clear day when I finally found my way up here, every contour sharply outlined and exaggerated. I struggled through briars then clambered up the steep and rounded hill of the drumlin, soggy but rich in pasture.Old walls, ditches and dykes gave this an ancient feel. The view from the top was incredible with crisp views of Whiddy Island and out beyond to the Beara. Behind rich greens and soft hills offered protection from the elements. What victory this fort celebrated is long since forgotten but the original occupants would have had had an excellent defensive position from within.