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Bohonagh Stone Circle

Multiple stone circle

This impressive 13 stone circle sits on a green plateau, levelled by those who constructed it back in the Bronze Age, and has amazing 360 views, including glimpses out to sea. The stones are varied and awe inspiring - some enormous and phallic, others enormous and angled; some smaller and plumper and one comprising white quartz..Two gigantic portal stones stand opposite the chunkier, squarer recumbent stone. The circle is on an east to west axis, aligned with equinoctial sunsets. Just outside it's entrance is a colossal, cup marked boulder burial, the stones packing the huge 20 ton boulder impressive in themselves, and yet more white quartz.The circle was excavated in the 1950s and a shallow pit containing cremated bone fragments and pebbles was discovered in the centre. A slab, also decorated with cup marks, was also found under a low mound and now lies just outside the circle. There are also meant to be the remains of huts circles in the vicinity but I couldn't find them.


Map 89: W 3070 3690: Take N71 out of Rosscarbery, 2nd left up a farm track.

The circle is quite hard to locate and is on private farmland, yet is in the most magnificent position with spectacular views in every direction.  We walked up the farm track surveyed by young cattle and a large bull with a ring through his nose - very appropriate as Bohonagh means 'place of many cattle'. The sun was shining and it felt remote and untouched in its own impressive amphitheatre.The boulder burial is the first thing that hits you. It is huge and packed tightly with other large rocks, including a big piece of glistening white quartz. It's very tactile. The cup marks add further mystery. The stone circle is in excellent condition, the sheer size of the stones posing so many questions - how, why, where??  Other stones can be found in the briars around the circle, though whether part of the complex or placed there by later farmers is unclear. The east/west equinoctial axis today is aligned with two farmhouses.