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Killoveenoge, Chapel of Ease


This attractive church, raised above the road, was built in 1866 as a 'Chapel of Ease' for the increasing Protestant population of the north side of the Peninsula - including English miners who had been brought in to work the nearby lead mines at Rooska. (The south side of the Peninsula was served by St James Church). It is made out of stone with red brick adding decorative interest and was designed by William Atkins. Other features include a pretty porch and some fine windows, including a circular one apparently blown in during  a storm and now blocked up. By the 1980s, the congregation had dwindled and the church was sold in 1988. The new owners converted it into a dance studio and gallery space but it is currently up for sale.

The chapel is reputed to have been built on the site of an old Priory which was ransacked by the Danes in 890AD.

Nearby site:

Gortalassa National School


Killoveenoge - church of the young women
Viewable from the road, taking the Goat's Path from Bantry - private property

This is an attractive little building full of interesting architectural interest. It stands on about half an acre of dense but landscaped woodland which intriguingly contains a large standing stone. There are lots of old mossy walls and pathways but it was hard to identify  the priory ruins which are meant to be visible.