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Holed stone, Caherurlagh

Holed stone

This imposing stone lies tucked off the path amidst the bracken. Fallen for many years, it has recently been re-erected. It is remarkable for the beautifully carved round hole running through it. The stone is 2.25m high and the holes is 13cm in diameter, 12cm deep. According to Jack Sheenan, a late local historian, it was a marriage stone 'The hole in the stone  is narrow on one side and wide on the other. The man had a bigger hand and he put his hand  through the wide side and the woman put her hand through the narrow side.They made their promises when they put their hands through the stone.' A hand slips through perfectly!

Apparently the house nearby was once the home of a healer. He is reputed to have made a barren sow fertile by laying his hand on her through the hole.

Look closer and you will see that the stone is on the edge of a ringfort.

Nearby site: Caherurlagh Ringfort


Caherurlagh: Cathar Iolrach eagle fort
Sheep's Head Way south - Cahergal loop - Letter West to Caher; there's parking at the Black Gate, or by the stile heading for Cora
OS Map 88; V770,350

I went to investigate this sight on the spur of the moment having heard that the pathway to it had been recently cleared. It had and was easy to find, turn south by the end of the wall next to the house. It is a mysterious and evocative thing, placed on an elevated and windswept site over looking Dunmanus Bay. As I was returning along the path I saw a figure approaching - to my amazement it was my husband! No arrangements had been made to meet! I showed him the stone and we clasped hands through the hole. Jack Sheenan was absolutely correct.

The stone has recently been re-erected (July 2012)