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Blessed Well,Gouladoo


This blessed well is carefully made out of stone slabs and is two tiered with a little niche containing a statue of Our Lady above.The well itself is small but the water looks clear and fresh. It is adorned with plastic flowers and holy water bottles and feels as though it is still revered. Traditionally unmarried girls went here to receive information or to contemplate their future marriage. The well fits perfectly into its surroundings.

Gouladoo: black forks, in streams or valleys
It lies off the Goat's Path and is unsigned, but there is a small layby you can pull into. Walk down the track, across the field and the well can be seen nestling against a small ridge.
V834 417

This is a remote, windswept and magical place. The views are sublime, looking out across the huge sweep of Bantry Bay. The field ends in a dramatic cliff edge with more jaw-dropping views. There is a promontory fort here - quite hard to see on the ground but clearer from above on the mountain.