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Gortalasa Ringfort


This impressive ringfort stands on top of a grassy knoll amidst pasture - sheltered by the mountains behind it and looking out over Bantry Bay. There are the substantial remains of banks, partly stone clad. The interior is flat and circular but now full of vegetation and almost impossible to get into, unless you are a sheep!

Gortalasa: field of the fort
Up a long winding boreen behind the fish factory; private farmland, permission should be obtained

This enigmatic ringfort is viewable from the road (Goat's Path) and from high on the mountain ridge and can be reached via a long boreen. The views from here are magnificent, yet sheltered. The substantial banks are rich in flowers and adorned by windblown hawthorn and holly trees. Inside is a dense carpet of bracken and willows. A sheep watched me from within, unperturbed. A derelict farmstead, now used only for storage, sits 100m away, fitting snugly into the landscape - other farmers from a more recent past but a nice continuation of working this land.