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Glanlough Ringfort

The banks of the hillfort

Situated on top of an almost perfect drumlin, this little ringfort has magnificent views across Glanlough and Bantry Bay. A large stone marker, now horizontal and sticking out of the bank, marks the entrance. The banks are made from earth and the ditch is fairly modest in depth. The centre is perfectly flat and grassy and the banks covered by gorse. Across the fields three large stones look interesting and significant!

Glanlough: glen of the lough
Take the mountain road from Ahakista to Bantry - just over the hill, the boreen is opposite the brown farm

The boreen is small, narrow, muddy and magical. The entry stone is huge and craggy and as you emerge into the ringfort the land opens up into a perfect flat plateau with impressive views in all directions. You've stepped back hundreds of years and can feel quite alone and insignificant amidst the mountains, greenness and within view of the lake and sea. A lot of nature!