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Fort Lodge


Fort Lodge was built in by Richard O Donovan and was one of the grand houses of the area. Various dates have been given for its construction - anything from 1793 to 1830. It was an imposing rectangular building with an assortment of outbuildings. The last occupant was a Miss Kate O Donovan who took it over in the 1870s. The estate then consisted of 1243 acres. She died there in 1928 and the story goes that roof timbers were taken off and used as fuel at her wake! Today it is a sombre ruin with magnificent views out to Dunmanus Bay.

There is also a ringfort on the site, hence the name of the building.

Viewable from the main Durrus to Ahakista road, but on private land. Permission needed.

An extensive and imposing ruin, now pretty much claimed by impressive ivy vines. Inside are the remains of the formal living rooms and the old kitchen. The floors of the upper storeys have long since collapsed and are now the homes of magpies and rooks.