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Farmhouse D

This farm has its own boreen approached through some rusting gates. It is in the most stupendous and private site looking out across commonage.  Once it must have been a comfortable and prosperous house. It is on an elevated position facing south complete with a mini avenue of trees, planted with daffodils. The fine sash windows still contain large panes of greenish glass. The front door is gone but the panelled back door is a wonderful chalky arsenic green.Inside it is laid out in a traditional manner with central staircase, two rooms below and two rooms above. The kitchen contains a huge open fireplace complete with little niche to keep things dry; the best room still has its attractive fireplace withdecorative metal grate. The floors are of earth, the flagstones having long since disappeared. The stairs still remain, complete with scrap of brown flowery lino, but are too rickety to ascend. Upstairs the two bedrooms are panelled in tongue and groove.  No furniture remains but odds and ends are still there - a rusty biscuit tin on the mantelpiece, a fine collection of boots under the stairs, the odd pot. Layers of paint reveal vibrant colours schemes and are now works of art in themselves. Outside numerous outhouses remain - an old furze cutter and large cartwheel moulder.