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Farmhouse C

A remote and scenic little farm that fits so well into its surroundings. It is south facing and built snugly into the hillside. It was probably originally a single storey building, sturdily constructed out of stone and lime rendered. The front door and back door are aligned and there are two south facing windows, one ruined, and one in the east wall, also ruined.  There's also a tiny window above the front door and two smaller second floor windows. At some point it looks as though an extra half storey was added and maybe this was when the huge corbelled fireplace hood in the living area was extended and remodelled - a look up the chimney reveals that this hood was a later addition, the original hood being possibly made of mud. The small upstairs fireplace with its attractive lintel was probably put in at the same time. The original stairs were of a simple ladder variety. The stone flags on the floor have disappeared but traces of blue distemper cling to the walls. This seems to be a traditional colour for kitchens, suggestions being that the old blue bags used for washing were also added to the paint to give this distinctive colour. A small outshot survives on the north wall, probably the dairy. Other ruined outbuildings are nearby, now pretty much covered in undergrowth, and fresh water runs very close to the door.

A talk with the landowner revealed more interesting information. The cottage was last lived in during the 1950s, the last occupiers being an elderly brother and sister. There is also a story that someone fell down the stairs and died, the bloodstains still being evident!