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Farmhouse B

This fascinating old farmhouse has since disappeared, razed to the ground and a new building put in its footstep. This little house oozed charm and was especially notable as it still contained so many bits and pieces inside - furniture, ornaments, pots, hats, saints.

It was laid out in traditional pattern with two main downstairs rooms, and a scullery/small room off to the back, plus porch to the front. The roof was slated and the windows sashed. The stairs were too rickety to venture up but I imagine there were two further bedrooms upstairs.

The kitchen had a large fireplace complete with grate; the brick surround painted a lively red. On the mantelpiece statues of some household saints still remained - St Anthony, St Theresa and St Anthony as a boy. A little wooden cupboard to the right and  larger open cupboard to the left. the latter still full of crockery. The parlour contained a smarter metal grate but the wooden surround had gone, wooden shutters and the remains of a one handsome circular table were still in situ. The little scullery behind the kitchen held an iron bedstead and the remains of a posh tea service. A little woodburner gave heat.