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Durrus Creamery

20C Creamery

Durrus creamery was established in 1933 mainly due to the hard work of Canon McManaway, the Church of Ireland pastor. It was built by local people voluntarily giving their time and expertise. Work began early in 1933 with farmers giving a week at a time, and supplying a horse and cart. Gravel was sourced from the local strand and rock was quarried east of Ballycomane. Farmers from all around the area sent their milk here on floats which could carry 15 or more churns, collected from local stands. The building is a simple design and would originally have been fitted with separators and churns, powered by an engine, driven by a coal or turf fired boiler.  There was also a general store attached  where farmers could make purchases against their cheques. Credit could be extended when times were hard and a paid off in the summer when milk supplies were good. it was also an important social meeting place where gossip exchanged and daily contact made. Today the creamery is for sale.

Thanks to Pat Crowley for his advice and information.