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Dunbeacon Stone Circle

Stone circle, 11 stones

This multiple stone circle seems to have consisted of 11 original stones - six are still standing, some at odd angles, and the remainder are toppled. In the centre is a slab-like stone stone. It lies in an elevated position high above Dunmanus Bay, over-looked by Mt Corrin  to the east, yet situated in a small dip and with just a glimpse of the sea to the west, through a fold in the hills. It is very similar in size to Gorteanish stone circle almost directly across Dunmanus Bay in Ahakista. The stone row at Coolcoulaghta 400 metres away appears to be aligned to this circle.

Nearby site

Coolcoulaghta Stone Row

Similar site

Gorteanish Stone Circle

On private land, but viewable from the Mines Road heading down into Dunbeacon. Permission needed for access
V927 392

I have yet to get up close to this circle as it on an elevated position and surrounded by a strong fence.

January 2013. I have finally manage to visit the stone circle, thanks to a helpful farmer who directed me down a path passed the farmhouse and up onto the mountain. Plump sheep looked on with amazement as I trudge through the mud, battling against the wind. The circle is very secretive and enigmatic. As you approach, sometimes you can see it sometimes not. It is in a little dip encircled by Mt Corrin to the east, Mt Gabriel to the south with views out across to the Sheep's Head to the north.  It feels undisturbed, compact and oddly serene . The stones still standing are a mixture of tall skinny ones, often at lurching angles, and chunkier stones with slightly angled tops. The views in all directions are wonderful and exhilarating.

Summer 2016: a new signed path has been made which leads to the circle. The circle itself is accessible but fenced. Sadly the fencing is very close and although it protects the monument it certainly detracts from its place in the landscape.