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Dunbeacon Milk stand

This milk stand has been well restored and is of a typical rectangular shape with steps on one side. It is stone clad with a cement top. An information board outlines its history and there is also a commemorative plaque. Two galvanised metal churns are still on the stand - a conical churn which could hold 17 gallons of milk, and a mushroom topped churn which could hold 10 gallons. The farmer's' numbers can clearly be seen.

The board reads as follows:

This milk stand was built by local labour in the year 1950 to facilitate dairy farmers from the locality who wished to have their milk processed. Each day a mobile creamery travelled from Aughadown stopping at a number of similar stands along the way. The cream was separated from the milk which was taken away for production of butter and the by product which remained 'skim' was returned to the farmers who fed it to pigs and other farm animals.

In 1959 this process ceased and the stand became a collection point where milk was instead taken away in churns for processing at the local creamery.

The year 1986 brought about the end of the stand as a functional facility and milk is now collected by bulk tanks directly from the farmyard.