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Derrycluvane Ringfort


This ringfort fits snugly into the hillside but has huge and impressive views out over Dunmanus Bay. it is enclosed by a  sturdy earthen bank, faced with stones and is surrounded by a ditch (fosse). The interior is spacious and flat but now very overgrown and full of bracken and brambles. There are entrances to the northwest and east, also very overgrown. There is a large stone at the northwest opening.

Derrycluvane: oak grove
Sheep's Head Way, Seefin Loop. Parking at Dromnea.

This site is quite easy to miss if approached from the south, so look out for the earth banks to the left of a small stile. Approaching from the north you can see the circular outline clearly and it is marked as an ancient monument. The banks are a wonderful mixture of foxgloves, honeysuckle and briars and inside bracken has completely taken over. The position though is incredible. Looking down into Dunmanus Bay, the occupants would have had a clear view of any activity for miles around and the hillside behind would have afforded protection from the elements.

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