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Breeny Mor, stone circle

Multiple stone circle and boulder burials

This must have once been a highly important and significant site, but the multiple stone circle now lies wrecked and jumbled. Originally aligned NE to SW, the only stones still standing are two impressive portals. Opposite them the axial stone now lies at an odd lopsided angle. The most intriguing objects though are the four huge boulder burials, arranged in a square, which would once have been within the circle. You can still see the three support stones under one of the huge erratics. The monument lies on a boggy plateau over looking the Ouvane river valley and is a short distance from the Kealkil monuments. Just beyond lies a ringfort. The whole site has a magical air.

Nearby site: Kealkil Stone Circle

Across the road from Kealkil stone circle, on private land, permission should be asked
W 508 552

A tantalising vision from the road near Kealkil stone circle, this site involves a bit of scrabbling and wading through boggy marshland to get to. Once there though it is mysterious and highly impressive, sitting on a natural plateau with amazing views. The stones from the circle are mostly fallen and jumbled and it's hard to make sense of what's going on. TheĀ  boulder burials are enormous and impressive, the views mighty. Wild orchids and bluebells littered the grasslands and larks sang overhead. A very special and little visited spot.