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Brahalish, Ringfort


This is a large ringfort, one of several in this townland. It is clearly visible from the road.  The earth bank is still impressive and the ditch is now water logged giving the impression of  a moat. There are two entrances, one at the east the other at the west.  It's in a very sheltered position  with mountains behind and views to the sea in front. The interior is flat and spacious though overgrown.

Brahalish - bright fort
Sheeps Head Way south - Ahakista to Durrus. Signposted as ancient monument. Small cark park.

A glorious site, the walk up to it is magical .The ring fort itself feels secure and protective and the 'moat' gives it an other worldly quality. Trees now emerge from the watery ditch in strange shapes, like prehistoric creatures. The undergrowth around the bank is dense and tangled but clearly the home to many creatures. The first time I visited, the heavens opened and I was forced to seek shelter amidst the undergrowth of the ditch. The next time the sun shone and the atmosphere was quite different.