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Boulder Burial, Ballycommane

Boulder burial and stone row

This impressive boulder burial and accompanying two stone row  is positioned on top of an east west ridge with commanding views across the landscape. The boulder itself is highly impressive, a huge white quartz erratic still supported by three smaller stones. The site was excavated in 1989 and all that was found under the boulder was a black silt deposit containing no trace of other organic material, no sign of a human burial. The two standing stones, notable for their very flat tops, were also excavated. They were found to be packed around the bases with smaller stones and one contained a small cist - a stone lined pit. More black silt was discovered inside the cist but no human remains.

On the Creamery road out of Durrus. There is a small parking area just before the abandoned modern house. A small boreen leads up to the monument. On private land, ask permission.
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Walking up the boreen, then out onto the ridge, this monument comes as a surprise.  The landscape unexpectedly opens out and a wonderful location is revealed, looking out over a lush green valley. The site has a solidarity to it. The erratic is enormous. The effort and manpower that must have gone into manipulating this enormous boulder is mindbogging. It is also very beautiful.  The white quartz is sparkling and  tactile, what an impressive message it must have sent to those who constructed it. All the more strange that nothing appears to be under it. It remains timeless and enigmatic.