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Ardintenant Castle

Tower house and bawn

This sturdy and impressive rectangular tower house is situated inside a ringfort. The original structure is meant to date from 1310 but the current  building is typical of  small fortified castles, dating from the 15C - a four storeyed rectangular building, solidly made with tiny windows and massive walls surrounded by a walled bawn. It is an O Mahony castle (others including Dunmanus, Leamcon and Rossbrin) and is in pretty good condition, though now almost entirely covered in ivy. Unlike other fortified house, this one is not directly on the sea although the water is not far off down a small trackway. The castle also has a small, now very ivy clad mural tower, once three storeys high. Ardintenant castle is also known as the White Castle.

Private property but right on the roadside,

A journey down very narrow and windy roads, and the help of a woman tending her garden was needed to find this place. It remains hidden from the road and is in a secluded position in a little valley. It is on private property but a farmer passing in a tractor assured me I could have a look. The area surrounding this rather stern ruin is littered in rocks and bumps. You can just make out the shape of the ringfort and remains of walls. The little stump of the mural tower is now almost entirely covered in ivy. As I approached the castle to take a look inside a strong smell hit me. I peered over the corrugated iron slung across the entrance and inside a cow and her  new born calf were enjoying a bit of togetherness. The old building still has it uses.