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Set on top of a perfect little drumlin, this ringfort has the most sublime views - to the north Peakeen ridge and Seefin mountain, and to the south  view south across Dunmanus Bay towards the Mizen. It is surrounded by rich pasture and must have been a pleasant if windswept place to live. The walls are earth and fairly modest in size. There are two entrances - NW and SE. At the NW entrance are remains of large stones, and another pile lie close by.

'There was an opening in the fort at Ardahill supposed to be the doorway. It is almost shut now. One day a dog went in there. He was there for more than a day. Several people heard him barking about 200 yards further south underground.' Maurice Sheenan, Folklore Commission 1938

Ardahill- the height of the wood of yew trees
Take a right at the church at Kilcrohane and follow the windy road as it heads towards the north side. The ringfort is on the left - there are pull-in places to park. Follow the boreen up - ask permission first
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As I approached the long boreen to climb up to the ringfort I was met by a three legged dog - surely evidence that the fairies weren't far away!!  If you gaze down at the fort from the Pieta at the top of the goat's Path, it seems large and a perfect circle, but arriving on foot it seems smaller and less clearly defined. It is situated amidst such lush green pasture and the views are incredible - a very exhilarating space.

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